Rhine Europe Terminals is a company specialized in container and heavy lift handling. Subsidiary at 100% of the Port of Strasbourg (Port autonome de Strasbourg), Rhine Europe Terminals manages, operates and maintains the container and heavy lift handling equipment of the Port of Strasbourg, including the both North and South port terminals of Strasbourg.

Rhine Europe Terminals have the equipment and the expertise to offer following services:

  • handling, storage, maintenance and repair of containers and other loading units which transit by river, rail or road;
  • handling, storage, assembly and dismantling of heavy lift items which transit by river, rail or road;
  • handling and storage of bulk products which transit by river, rail or road.

Rhine Europe Terminals is at the disposal of its customers to develop combined transport solutions and one of its ambitions is to contribute to shift traffic from road to more environmentally friendly modes of transport.

By developing a real intermodal hub, Rhine Europe Terminals offers:

  • massive possibilities offered by leak and rail;
  • access to a performing infrastructure network, in the heart of Europe;
  • a regular and reliable shipping and rail service to the major sea ports.